Here at Saint Francis' we care deeply for those left after a family member of friend dies.  We know the pain, the fear and the concern you have and so we have a group established  to provide you with all the support we can.  

The members of the group have all experienced the pain of loss in some way and although we don't have all the answers we can try to help you to find some of them yourselves.

Every quarter we hold a remembrance service for those who have died recently.  People will receive an invitation from the bereavement team.  We also hold an annual service in November for everyone who died in the previous 12 months.  We hold these services to remember the dead and to know that we are still joined to them through the saving love of Jesus.

As a church we will do everything we can to support you but please know that you are a member of our family and so you are always welcome either to pray, talk or just have a cup of freshly brewed coffee!


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