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of the Church of England Parish

of Saint Francis of Assisi,

Friar Park.

The Church is to be found on

 Freeman Road,

Wednesbury WS10 0HJ.  

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Saint Francis' is known as a welcoming church. With an efficient heating system it's warm as well! And there's decent coffee after the Sunday Mass!!!

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website, but do please know that you are always welcome  to come in the flesh and visit this 'hidden gem' of the Midlands

Large print readings sheets are available each week, we are wheelchair accessible (and we have an accessible toilet too!), and there is an induction loop for those with hearing difficulties. If you need help to get from the roadside to the church, our welcomers are always on the lookout for you.



To see our current PCC Safeguarding Statement,

just click on the safeguarding button above



Please note that the Tuesday Mass
this week begins at the earlier time of 9.15am


Our Parish is served by
Father Ron Farrell ssc
Telephone    (0121-) 556 5823
e-mail            father.ron@btinternet.com

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Today is known variously as Laetare Sunday, Refreshment Sunday, or Mothering Sunday.

It is a day of particular rejoicing in which the rigours of Lent are relaxed a moment or two as we look forward to the nearness of our salvation in Christ, through his death and resurrection

The Readings this year are mainly taken from Saint Matthew's Gospel

Normal times for Worship


Sunday Mass

at 10.00am

from Sunday 6 March

Daily Mass

Tuesday and Thursday 9.30am

Wednesday and Friday 7.30pm

Saturday 10.00am.

But please check on this page

for any changes to the normal

 schedule of services,

especially at Easter and around

 the Feast of Saint Francis

(at the beginning of October)



The printers of our Sunday Mass sheets have stated that their sheets may not be reproduced on websites, so from today we will simply be posting the readings for the Liturgy (unless we produce a parish Mass booklet)


A Change to Church of England

Marriage Regulations


We are now required to see evidence of British nationality before we can book weddings. We would ask everyone who wishes to book their marriage here to bring with them their passport, or their birth certificate and a utility bill in each name. If a birth certificate is the only form of identification, you will also need to bring a recent utility bill, bank statement, or driving licence to provide evidence of your use of the name on the birth certificate (or provide appropriate evidence of change of name).

If one of the (or both) parties to a marriage is a non-British national (including citizens of the Republic of Ireland), then a Superintendent Registrar's License will have to be obtained, and you will need to go first to the Register Office; there is a 28 day 'waiting period' between giving notice to the Superintendent Registrar and the issue of the license. You will need to satisfy the Registrar of your freedom to marry in this country (this may involve documents from the home state) and provide any other certification that s/he requires (so this process may well take some time). 

Bookings for weddings, banns of marriage, and baptisms (christenings) can be made on Wednesday evenings at 7.00pm in church 


Please come to church on a Wednesday evening at 7.00pm.

Take a look at the Church of England Marriage Regulations above and please note we ask for a £100 non-refundable deposit to book a wedding  


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